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All* Above All Action Fund is the first reproductive justice effort that builds political power to lift bans that deny abortion coverage.

For too long, politicians have been allowed to deny a woman’s abortion coverage just because she is poor. Our vision is to restore public insurance coverage so that every woman, however much she makes, can get affordable, safe abortion care when she needs it. Join us!

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Presidential Candidates Talk Abortion - All* Above All Action Fund Responds

Good evening – Tonight Americans watched the final Presidential debate between Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The debate included an exchange in which both candidates discussed their respective positions on abortion.

Destiny Lopez, Co-Director of the All* Above All Action Fund, issued the following statement in response:

“Tonight Secretary Clinton talked about abortion in the context of women’s lives: the personal decisions women make and the barriers and struggles they face. This is exactly the conversation we need to be having about abortion in this country, one which is rooted in women’s experiences. As we know, one of the harshest remaining barriers to abortion—one that visits untold harm on low-income women—is the Hyde Amendment. The Hyde Amendment pushes women into poverty and forces 1 in 4 poor women seeking abortion to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term."
October 20, 2016

Anti-Abortion Legislators Feign Concern for Black Families

"Republican leadership is ending the 114th Congress much the way it began, by ignoring widespread public pleas to end the violent policing that killed over a thousand people last year and deciding instead to push for yet more abortion restrictions."
October 11, 2016


"On October 3, 1977, Rosie Jimenez – a 20-something Latina – became the face of the movement for abortion coverage. It was the same day the Tejana passed away from an unsafe, clandestine abortion, one she was forced to undergo because the recently passed Hyde amendment prevented low-income people from using federal funds to pay for the legal health care service.

“The Hyde amendment was created to take decisions away from poor women, and that includes poor Latinxs,” Destiny Lopez, co-director of All* Above All, a campaign working to lift bans that deny abortion coverage, told us."
October 7, 2016

Women’s Groups Slam ‘Predator’ Donald Trump for Lewd Video

"Widely-despised New York City real estate heirs just can’t resist yammering into hot mics. Robert Durst’s got him murder charges; Donald Trump’s might cost him the presidential election."
October 7, 2016

Statement on VP Debate

Destiny Lopez, Co-Director of the All* Above All Action Fund, issued the following statement: “Senator Kaine showed that he can be both a man of deep commitment to his faith and someone who respects and supports a woman’s personal decision-making about abortion. In contrast, Governor Pence’s statements and record make clear that he is on board with Donald Trump’s extreme agenda of punishing women who have abortions, including, for example, the Hyde Amendment which pushes women into poverty and forces 1 in 4 poor women seeking abortion to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term."...MORE
October 4, 2016

Pro-Choice Groups Call on Lester Holt to #AskAboutAbortion

Today, NARAL Pro-Choice America, UltraViolet, All* Above All Action Fund, National Organization for Women, Feminist Majority, and CREDO sent the following letter to Lester Holt in advance of the first presidential debate, encouraging him to #AskAboutAbortion on Monday. The letter is a follow-up to the highly successful, nationwide digital campaign led by NARAL Pro-Choice America during the Democratic primaries to encourage moderators to ask a question about abortion. The campaign reached over 26 million Twitter users.
September 23, 2016

The Hyde Amendment Has Been Hurting Women for 40 Years, But Its Days Are Numbered

"I look forward to telling my daughter about the time a group of women who look like her went up against politicians who wanted to control women’s decisions. I’ll tell her about how we stuck together, built power, and grew a movement that eventually witnessed a presidential candidate speaking out on our side. And I’ll tell her about the day we won, and about the terrible policy we defeated, and how it’s no longer around to harm her or the people she loves."
September 23, 2016

Response to Donald Trump anti-abortion agenda

Destiny Lopez, Co-Director of the All* Above All Action Fund, issued the following statement:

"In a letter seeking support from anti-abortion extremists, Trump exposes his draconian plan to take away women's health care, defund Planned Parenthood, and make permanent the cruel and devastating Hyde Amendment, which bans insurance coverage for abortion for low-income women. He's clearly trying to make good on his promise to punish women by denying care and shutting down community providers. It's shameful."
September 16, 2016

Time to End 40 Years of Class Discrimination on Abortion

As the Hyde Amendment turns 40 this month, activists and legislators are seeking to permanently end the prohibition on federal funds from covering abortion care. According to sexual and reproductive health rights nonprofit group the Guttmacher Institute, between 18 percent and 35 percent of people insured by the federal Medicaid program who have experienced an unwanted pregnancy have been forced against their will to carry that pregnancy to term under Hyde.
September 14, 2016

Destiny Lopez, All* Above All Action Fund, Responds to Senator Tim Kaine and Recent Statements on the Hyde Amendment

"Senator Kaine’s most recent statement supporting the Hyde Amendment is disappointing and disconcerting. Yet, we’re hopeful that he remains true to previous statements by campaign spokespeople affirming his support for the Democratic Party platform, which includes a call to repeal the Hyde Amendment."
July 29, 2016

Destiny Lopez, All* Above All Action Fund, on Senator Tim Kaine and the Hyde Amendment

"Sen. Kaine has been a long-time supporter of dismantling civil rights injustices. Abortion coverage bans, like the Hyde Amendment, represent a deeply entrenched injustice, where issues of gender inequity, racism, and economic injustice come together. The recent statements by campaign spokespeople are a positive sign that Senator Kaine is ready to join the chorus of voices that have called for lifting the Hyde Amendment." >
July 27, 2016

All* Above All Action Fund Applauds Historic Democratic Platform Proposal Calling to Tend Abortion Coverage Bans

All* Above All Action Fund applauds the Democratic National Committee’s historic platform proposal supporting the repeal of the Hyde Amendment which prohibits Medicaid insurance from covering abortion care.
July 8, 2016